Rishi Kapoor and Tapsee Pannu are set to spark the nation with “Mulk”


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“Mulk – When Your Own Disowns You”.

A movie that promises to break all the walls made by society about Muslims. Be it a terrorist attack or some conspiracy going on in the country always a Muslim is blamed first. So far the trailer of the movie is released and the movie will hit the theatres on 3rd August. The movie is based on a true incident where a father refused to accept the dead body of his son, who was allegedly a terrorist. His father was arrested and the whole family was blamed for the attack. He was charged for misguiding his son and turning him into a terrorist.mulk

Rishi Kapoor is playing the role of terrorist’s father in the movie whereas Pratiek Babbar is playing the role of a terrorist. After doing a commercial movie like “Judwa 2” Tapsee Pannu is back with a challenging role. She is playing the role of a Hindu lawyer who is defending Muslim family in the court. Rishi Kapoor and Tapsee are as usual slaying in the trailer by their acting skills. Pratiek Babbar is doing a cameo role in the movie.

Trailer of the movie will give Goosebumps to the viewers and might make them rethink on their beliefs. Beliefs that are made by society regarding Muslims and mulktheir families. Not only beliefs but the movie is ready to answer all the accusations made on the religion. Its High time that people should understand India is the home of many religions and Islam is one of them. Religion doesn’t matter because there are good and bad people in every religion so its people who actually matter.

The dialogue in the trailer that impresses the most is:
“Who gave them the right to welcome me in my own home; this house is mine as much as yours. If you cannot differentiate between my beard and Osama Bin Laden’s beard then also I have the right to practice my religion.”

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