Upcoming Horror Movies In 2018


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If you tired of watching comedy and action movies then we have got something interesting for you. Here are 5 upcoming horror movies releasing in 2018 ready to give you nightmares.

Slender Man        Upcoming horror movies                                               

This guy is literally an urban legend there are many stories and videos on internet related to him. On 24 August Sony Entertainment is going to release a movie on this urban legend. The trailer begins with a man asking questions about his lost daughter and a terrifying tall creature haunting children. By the end of the trailer, a girl is seen to be rescued by police officers. Who is in miserable condition and is coming out of the forest.



Upcoming horror moviesThe Nun

The story of the movie is all about Vatican officials sends a priest and a novitiate to investigate the suicide of a young nun of Romania. It is going to be the fifth movie in the Conjuring series with a new director Corin Hardy. The emergence of villak – the demonic figure that has been seen in series of conjuring will be disclosed. Finally, the people will be able to understand the relation of Villak with other conjuring parts. The movie is going to release on 7th September. Warner Bros. promises this to be the darkest chapter of the conjuring series.



The House with Clocks in its WallUpcoming horror movies

Now, this one is a bit different it will scare plus it will also take on tour to a magical world. The story is about a boy invited to a house to live with a couple. The boy learns that the house is historic and is filled with some magical secrets. The plot of the movie is fantasy horror and will release on 21st September. The director of this movie is Eli Roth and he is famous for directing Horror movies. Some of his notable works are Knock-Knock, The Green Inferno, Hostel and Cabin fever.



Upcoming horror movies


This movie depicts the story of a psychopath killer Michael and Laurie who escaped his killing spree 40 years back. Now after 40 years he is back and is ready to complete his killing spree by targeting Laurie and her family members. The Director of this movie is John Carpenter and Actress Jamie Lee is literally slaying in the movie. Her acting skills are beyond compare and movie is all set hit the theaters on 21st September.


StreeUpcoming horror movies

Finally an Indian movie on the list, this is the movie about an urban legend in Bangalore dated back to 1990’s. The teaser of this movie will definitely send chills down to the spine of viewers. The star cast of this movie includes Rajkumar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor. The movie is going to be of Horror as well as of comedy genre and that is going to be the most interesting part. The movie will release on 31st August. By the end of the teaser, a line flashes saying “Mard ko dard hoga”.


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