10 Perfect Answers to “when are you having a baby”


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Today’s generation does things with planning and same goes for the baby.
Are you annoyed by the questions asked by relatives after the marriage that when you are planning a baby and then this article is for you

1. Ho Bhi Gya, You Don’t Know
when are you having a baby

Oh sorry, I didn’t want you to be there on my baby shower so I didn’t send you the invitation. Sarcastically Give them the taste of their own medicine.



2. Planning to Adopt
when are you having a baby


There are lots of orphan children in India so we are planning to adopt one. This one would be the perfect answer to ignore the question for a long time.




3. Our pet is sufficient for now

Taking care of the pet is also a big responsibility and taking care of the baby and the pet would become a burden. At least you don’t need to clean diapers of the pet.



4. Not interested in increasing population     when are you having a baby



Actually, India comes second in world population so we aren’t really planning for a baby right now.



5. On the way
when are you having a baby

He is on the way he will be here any moment here. People literally think while asking this question as baby will be out any moment.





6. When Trump’s presidency will end
when are you having a baby

I feel India is unsafe in trump’s presidency he is a crazy guy you don’t know when he might turn against India.





7. After the invention of robotic nanny
when are you having a baby

I am not very responsible kind of person so need a safe assistance that can take care of the baby while I am out on work or for shopping. So I think robot nanny would be perfect for the job.





8. When I will learn how to cook
when are you having a baby
A baby needs to be feed after every two hours so a parent should know how to cook. Then only they will be able to feed the baby.



9. Actually, I am ok with porn
when are you having a baby

For now, I am ok with porn maybe the day I will be with my partner I will plan. Being a badass is not always bad, is it?





10. I wish, I knew
At times people face problem in conceiving so people actually don’t know so simply tell them you don’t know.

So these are some of the ways in which you can avoid this question and its completely your call to give a badass, funny or general response.





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