7 things you must do in rainy season


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“The best things one can do when it’s raining is to let it.”

When it rains each natural resource like a river, pond and lakes become full of water. All the birds and animals seems happy by getting lots of water to drink and grow. Nature itself start looking more colorful this is why the rainy season is everyone’s favorite but not to forget this season is also accompanied by a lot of diseases. Be it, adults or children, they get a cough and cold very easily. So here are 7 things that one must do to during the rainy season to keep them healthy and safe.

Rainy season

Drink purified water

During rainy season air is filled with moisture and bacteria so everyone should drink purified RO or boiled water. The majority of waterborne diseases that are spread during this season are caused due to contaminated water. Use boiled water for drinking and cooking purposes and it should be used until two days only as it gets contaminated again.

Wash Fruits and Vegetables before useRainy season

Wash fruits and vegetables properly before eating or cooking as they are the only things that can boost your immunity in this season. Source of water for washing edibles should also be pure as washing them with contaminated water will result in digestion problems. Washing edibles will make sure that bacteria present on their skin are washed away.

Rainy seasonDrink Green Tea or Juices

Immunity during the rainy season is affected enormously due to the high density of bacteria in the air. Drink more of fruit juice or green tea as they are rich in vitamin C and also contains anti-oxidants. these fluids will heal and detoxify the body and fight with bacterial and fungal infections. Fruits are loaded with enzymes, vitamins, and minerals and are easily digestible.

Take Bath after a rain shower

Rainy season

Do take bath after the rain shower as water gets contaminated during the rainy season. Clogged gutters and muddy streets are common sites during the rainy season and while rain shower we hardly pay attention towards them. So clean yourself properly as there are higher chances of getting ill or infected by fungus or bacteria. Keep cleaning your face after 4-5 hours in order to protect it from acne or other skin problems.

Rainy seasonDo not wear tight clothes

One should avoid wearing tight undergarments and garments like jeans, T-shirt as fungus needs two things to grow heat and humidity. By wearing tight garments you are providing them a good habitat to grow. So it is very common to get the infection in genital area, neck, and underarms. Wear loose clothes and keep yourself dry as much as you can.

Avoid eating food outside

Rainy season

Outside food is the main cause of waterborne diseases and stomach infection. Pay attention while eating food outside that it should not be kept in open and surroundings are hygienic as the precaution is better than a cure. Though there is no guarantee that person who is preparing food is keeping the hygiene himself.

Rainy season

Carry Umbrella or Raincoat

Carry umbrella or raincoat along with you because during rainy season you are always unsure of rain. A day might seem sunny at the beginning of the day but by the end, it may start raining and not everyone loves to enjoy in rain after work. Keep one umbrella or raincoat in kid’s bag also because they are the ones who get cold and cough easily.

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7 things you must do in rainy season

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