Independence Day Celebration with Kite Flying


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  • Independence Day celebration with Kite Flying

Yes, that feeling, the excitement, the love for kite flying in our childhood days was real and it cannot be replaced by any other source of joy and celebration. We still remember how we used to plan and arrange things a day before our judgment day, the day for flying kites, the day of our independence – 15th August. The day when everything is kind of set, from cold breezes blowing to having the perfect weather to fly kites for the whole day. As if the universe already plans how we could make the best out of this auspicious holiday.

Colorful kites, spools with colorful threads or manjha on charkharhi as we call them, make us ready and excited to fly kites, having competitions and cutting the opponent’s kite with a loud screaming of ‘aai-bo-katey’ brings us so much joy and a feeling of triumph that it almost makes our day.

No doubt that we are witnessing a tremendous shift in how less the kites are been flown in this 21st century but we cannot blame any one particular reason like usage of smartphones for that. We, as elders should make our younger generation aware of the significance of kite flying for it’s not just an activity or a mere source of some play but has a major significance too.

Kites are been flown in our country since before independence and also people do celebrate a lot of festivals by flying kites like Basant Panchami in Punjab, Uttrayan in Gujarat, Pongal in south India. They were also a medium of protest when people used to write slogans like ‘Simon Go Back’ on them conveying Britishers to end their rule and go back.

For this tradition of kite flying to continue, we not only need to urge our younger generation to go and fly kites but to make ourselves also give up laziness and excuses of maturity but instead relive our childhood again. At the same time keeping in mind the safety issues while flying kites is a must, like not standing in the edges of our terraces, using cotton threads instead of glass-plated threads so that no one could get hurt from using it and thus keeping a safe environment for birds as well.

Making the best out of Independence Day

The perfect day would be to start with kite flying early in the morning with our friends and family, speakers playing our favorite songs with shades put on so that sun could not hinder from having kites in the blue sky.independence day

Following that, after enjoying lunch with the family and instead of going for sleep, we can start watching any patriotic movie for keeping the feeling alive and even passing it to our next generation. Few of the epic movies would be – Border, Rang De Basanti, The Legend of Bhagat Singh, Lagaan, Chak De! India, Holiday etc

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After filling our souls with some good movie and having almost passed our day following the dinner at night, we could continue this content feeling by starting a nice book at bedtime and make our day even more beautiful.

The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini is a novel about relationships, and about how these complex relationships in our lives overlap and connect to make us the people we are. It’s a very interesting and engaging book which everyone should give it a read.


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