Why owning a pet might be the best decision of your life


“An animal a day keeps the doctor away”

Why owning a pet might be best decision of your life - UFF TV IndiaWell, that is the new saying going around the town, and you might as well get used to it. These little or big living beings, be it a fish, cat, (most beloved) dogs, squirrels (yes, you read it right!) tortoise (or turtles) or birds, bring not only happiness and laughter in your life but also improve your overall health and teach you the much-needed life lessons.

Being a dog owner myself, or should I say ‘owned by my doggo’, I solemnly attest to the above. Even though their lifespans are shorter than ours, they leave a significant impression on and in our lives. Below are a few of the reasons for you to consider owning or more preferably adopt a pet.

Unconditional Love

Since the second they enter your home, it becomes their forever homes and they fill it love, happiness, and compassion which in turn fills it with a truckload of memories. Pets provide support like a best friend because they are always available to listen (without judgment), which can help you unload after a hectic day and let’s face it, after a long and a weary day who wouldn’t want to come home to a sweet pair of eyes that instantly attract your focus and help you get your mind off the thoughts and emotions that are causing the stress.

Help Our Relationships

No matter how much we would love it to happen, pets do not speak our language. So that makes it extremely important to understand what they are trying to tell us by their actions and gestures. And you would be amazed to know how this non-verbal communication helps in bettering our understanding of a human being, which in turn helps build a stronger relationship not only with your significant other or family but also at your workplace.

Teach us Responsibilities

It doesn’t matter what kind of pet you decide to own, they are required to be cared for. From timely feeding them to taking them on walks to brushing and bathing them or cleaning their aquarium, being responsible for another living being helps you take responsibility in other aspects of your life. This is especially important if you want to teach kids the value of routine.

Improves our Health

Talking is always a better medicine than popping pills and who is better than a furry, four-legged best friend to talk your heart out. Not only it improves our mental health but most of the time fulfil our emotional needs. Scientific studies show petting or cuddling releases the feel-good hormones, serotonin, and dopamine.

Along with these benefits, owning a pet will help you boost your immune system, contrary to the rather popular myth of diminishing it. Pets can actually help combat allergies. Children who are exposed to pet dander or any other animal allergens typically develop stronger immune systems.

Alert us to Potential Danger

Pets, especially dogs, have a great sense to detect danger before humans do. The simple reason behind this is, Dogs are highly sensitive to pheromones which we are not aware of. We all know that dogs will bark when they sense someone near the house, and that can be very good for home security; however, pets can sense far more than just a stranger, they are also good at detecting bombs, drugs etc.

Therefore, they are an all in one package! A best friend, a therapist, an entertainer, a life-long companion and your teacher. What more does anyone need?! So now is the correct time to own or adopt a pet, as it’ll ever be.

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