7 Mobile Photography Tricks Everyone Should Know


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Creative people can find a frame worth capturing, anytime anywhere and to keep a DSLR camera with us wherever we go is not easy. For such moments mobile photography comes in handy. The basic rules of mobile photography are the same as for an expensive DSLR camera. To create a good photograph, the aperture, megapixels, and size of the camera hardly matter, what matter is how you create a frame through whichever lens you got.

Photography is the Art of identifying an object and putting it into a good frame. Therefore the mobile lenses should also be equally treated and trusted. Taking beautiful photographs with a mobile camera is very easy as long as you follow some basic guidelines. In this article, you will discover 7 Mobile photography tricks everyone should know to create some stunning photographs.

Clean The Lenses

The lens of mobile camera catches dirt easily. It is essential to wipe the camera lens before taking any photograph. The dirt on the lens may block light from entering the camera sensors and will leave smudges, blurs or dust spot on your picture.

Fill The Frame

If the object or person is interesting but the background has a lot of noise and distraction than go closer to the object and fill the frame. Avoid capturing anything which distracts your eyes from the main object. This method is important when taking pictures of people whose facial features tend to disappear when you move more than a few meters away from them.

Use Frame Within The Frame

Look for a frame within the frame, compose your subject in front of the frame and make an interesting picture. The idea is to choose a part of your scene to be the subject, then find a shape within the photo that will hold it.

Rule of Third

The rule of third is one of the most common technique in photography. Make use of the gridlines of the camera, and position your subject in these golden points. You should try and put your subject in line with one of the vertical lines. Your object should overlap at least three of the meeting points of the grid lines.

Rule of odds

The Rule of Odds states, “People are more attracted to uneven numbers in a composition.” This is also called uneven composition. When there is more than one object, try to frame them in odd numbers like 1, 3, 5. It will make your frame look far accurate and filled. Try this trick with any object by keeping them in odds and see the difference.

Leading Lines

When we look at a photo our eyes are naturally drawn to the lines within it, and we tend to follow them to see where they go. In other words, the lines are “leading” our gaze through the photo. Find the lines which lead to your object in the frame. Leading lines help to focus the viewer’s eyes on the main object and lead the eye deeper into the image. You should always be aware of leading lines in a frame to make a viewer to focus on the subject.

Balance And Symmetry

Once a person trains his eye to look for symmetry in any frame it becomes his second nature. We, humans, tend to find symmetry interesting. For a viewer, an unbalance photograph may look unbalanced and unsymmetrical. Visual balance brings a certain stability and harmony to an image. While clicking pictures always look for symmetrical lines inside the frame and keep them straight. It will make your frame look nice and balanced.

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